Video recording

We are able to perform various kinds of video recordings. But we specialize in classical music performances.

Musicians who have at their disposal professional video recordings of their performances, have a clear advantage in their search for contacts with agents and producers. These recordings provide preliminary auditions for castings of the musicians helping in the selection of those who will participate in musical projects. Many prestigious musical competitions use exclusively video recordings for the initial selection of the participants.

We perform video recordings of performances of musicians of various scale and complexity. It can be :

• a video recording of performances of a young musicians for his/her application to a competition or for a casting using one-two camcorders,

• a video recording of a chamber concert with 2-3 video cameras,

• a video recording of important musical performances in large concert halls with the participation of an orchestra, chorus and soloists using 4 to 7 video cameras

• a video recording of opera or ballet live on the stage of an opera theatre.

We have at our disposal two professional video cameras which gives us the possibility of proposing projects for a reasonable budget with our own personnel.. For performance of a larger scale we hire additional professional operators . In all cases we use exclusively digital video cameras in formats DV/DVCAM or HDV.

A video recording of a performance of classical music is something very specific. All operators who participate in our projects, understand it and have a wide experience of working in such projects. Taking into account that during live concerts of classical music operators cannot move around the concert hall and discuss with the director of the project are not possible, a detailed plan of shooting is prepared for each operator before the performance as it is done for a movie. Such an approach allows to define the optimum positioning of the cameras during the live performance.

* * * * *

We have at our disposal a professional video studio allowing us to perform all kinds of editing, starting from simple sorting and configuring the raw video data which has been recorded by one or two video cameras, and up to a sophisticated editing of the video version of a live concert, recorded with 6 or 7 video cameras in the main concert hall of the Moscow conservatory, with separate sound recording.

One of the specificity of editing musical projects is the necessity to synchronize separately recorded sound with the video streams. A delay of only 1 to 2 frames (1/25 – 2/25 seconds) can become visible to the spectator. We are able to guarantee 100 percent synchronization of a sound and video to within 1 frame! We have gathered an extensive experience of synchronization of video with separately recorded sound and video with different formats of sound recordings – Stereo LPCM, Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS which is essential for the production of high-quality DVDs.

In the majority of our DVD projects which are presented in section "Portfolio" video recording and editing was the work of our experts which gives you a possibility to evaluate its quality, keeping in mind that format used for diffusion thru the Internet requires a limitation in definition.

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It is evident that our video services are not just limited to projects of classical music. We also make video recordings of landscapes, interiors, and in specific locations (in a city or famous landmarks) allowing us top create video presentations for corporate and public events, presentation and advertising video films as well as videoclips, educational films etc.
We can provide video with special effects, 3-D graphic, multi screen and multilayered editing with titles and subtitles if needed.
You can judge the quality of our video recording and editing by visiting the “Portfolio” section of this Site. \\\\